Legion Store Championship 2023, Oct 14

What is it ? This is a Legion store championship event following the Galactic Conquest Rules found here Details Saturday, Oct 14, 11 am start, round one at 12 pm.  $25.00 Register here What do you get? Everyone gets to have Legion fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment. […]

Legion Store events

Star Wars Legion Tournament, August 6th

The next Star Wars: Legion event at Just Games Rochester is coming up soon! Get your stormtroopers (or battle droids!) built and painted for this competitive event on Saturday, August 6th! Register online today The event will start at 1 PM, and will feature three rounds of Swiss pairings. Standard 800 point rules will apply. […]

Legion Store events

Legion | Storm Tide Narrative Spring Campaign

Join the Storm Tide Universe and play our new monthly store campaign! Our first event will be held at noon on April 9, the second on May 14, and the third on June 11. If they generate enough interest, we’d be quite happy to offer these again on a rotating basis! Preregistration is required to […]

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