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Legion | Storm Tide Narrative Spring Campaign

Join the Storm Tide Universe and play our new monthly store campaign! Our first event will be held at noon on April 9, the second on May 14, and the third on June 11. If they generate enough interest, we’d be quite happy to offer these again on a rotating basis!

Preregistration is required to get an accurate campaign head count, so register today

Storm Tide is the brainchild of the Syracuse NY-based Fifth Trooper Podcast, who are going to be running these events and whom many Legion fans locally have purchased playmats from!

Using Legion as the core rule set, Storm Tide allows you to use your Legion products in new and interesting ways.

What can I expect?

Each monthly mission will be 1-2 games of legion that will be roughly 3-4 hours. To get ready to play the first mission in Storm Tide, players will need to come to the event with the following:

  • 740pt Legion army (No Commander Unit).
  • A proxy mini for their Storm Tide commander.

Every player that joins the monthly narrative event will get:

  • A Storm Tide mini
  • New command, unit, and battlefield cards
  • Acrylic Tokens
  • And more!

Sign up online today for all 3 sessions!

Legion | Storm Tide Narrative Spring Campaign

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