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Local Designer Day, March 19 | Featuring Mountains out of Molehills

Join our Games for Everyone board game event series for Local Designer Day, featuring Mountains out of Molehills! This demo event will feature locally made games, demoed by their actual designers – our very own local celebrities! If you’re an aspiring designer, person who loves to shop local, or just a passionate fan of board games, you’ve got to check this out.

The event begins at 1 pm on Saturday, March 19, and runs until around 4 pm. Designers will arrive a bit earlier to set up, and you’re welcome stop in and schedule a demo starting at noon if you like.

This event is 100% free, and if you buy both games you get 20% off both! Further both designers will be happy to give signatures. Support 3 local businesses with just one purchase.

Here’s our roster of games being demoed:


Mountains out of Molehills

By Jim DiCamillo, check out the Watch it Played video 

Moles have traveled from all over to compete in the annual Mountain Maker tournament. In this light strategy game, competitors show their skill based on how high they can pile their Molehills, and by how many Mountains they control. The Mole that can build and control the most Mountains out of Molehills over 6 rounds will be declared the “Top Tunneler” and win the game. Features a two-level game board and full-color acrylic standees for each Mole!

Mountains Out Of Molehills is played over six rounds, and each round has four phases. In Phase 1 players take turns drafting action cards from a face up market to form a hand of 4 cards each. These actions will move Moles underground while adding Molehill pieces to the bottom of the Mountains above them.

Peacock Block

By Mark Miller, rated 8.0 on Board Game Geek 

Peacock Block is a 3 to 5 player “Take That!” styled card game where players take on the role as peacocks at a party, trying to score the love of the peahen. Play those flirting cards and fill up your love meter, or score 10 points by molting out your feathers. But your opponents will try to stop you by Blocking you and Plucking your feathers, so be careful!

This “take that” style party game will be run in it’s “safe for work” version for this demo.