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Marvel Crisis Protocol Tournament, April 2

Gear up as it’s no joke, it’s time for our second official MCP tournament for Just Games! This is an exciting opportunity to put your MCP skills to the test and see who has the strongest team in Western New York.

Register online today

We will be using the newest format of play which includes: Rosters of 10 characters, 10 Tactic cards, 3 Secure Crisis cards, and 3 Extract Crisis cards. Check the full rules out at Atomic Mass Games:

Entry Fee $15
1 pm start time
32 player maximum
10% off all MCP and paint items the day of the event.
Store credit prizes at end of 3 rounds
Register on our website today and on Longshanks day of or beforehand

All prizes will be based on number of participants, and will be paid in store credit.

Best Painted
Top Placement (based on standings after 3 rounds)
Likely outcomes are undefeated brackets and second brackets down will get store credit prizes, with promotional items for participation (where available, subject to Atomic Mass hitting release dates). Best Painted will be determined by secret ballot, voted on between the 2nd and 3rd rounds while minis are still on the table.

Event Round/Time
This event is planned to be a 3 round event. Each Match will be 105 mins, with an extra 15min extension after time is called for last rounds.

Victory Conditions
Victory conditions will follow normal MCP conditions with Standings and Margin of Victory (MoV) being used for round scores. We will be using Longshanks to for pairings and standings.

Standings will be determined by giving each player 3 Tournament Points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. Margin of Victory will also be recorded each round, and used as a tiebreaker when two players have the same number of Tournament Points. Margin of Victory for the winner will be equal to the winner’s victory points minus the victory points of their opponent, to a maximum of 16. (Essentially how much you win by) Margin of Victory for a loss or a draw will always be 0. A bye will count as a win, with MoV equal to the average of the other two games. After the first round, pairings will be based on standings, with players being paired against others with a similar scores

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