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Combat Patrol League, starting March 26th

With our Learn to Play 40k event finishing up, Just Games is going to host a three week Combat Patrol league geared towards new players and 40k veterans alike.

For the participants of our Learn to Play Warhammer 40k series, this is your first opportunity to really get the early makings of your new army down on the table against other players!


  • Each week you’ll be paired against a different player in the league, and given a mission from the Combat Patrol missions in the core book.
  • A win is worth 3 points, but a loss still gets you a point, so make sure to show up all three weeks and play!

Prize Support

  • Entry fee each week is $10, and prize support will be taken from the total entries.
    • 1st place
    • 2nd place
    • Best Painted
      • As voted by participants in secret ballot.
    • Best opponent
      • As voted by participants in secret ballot.


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