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Commander Masters Preview Draft and Launch Events

On July 28, we will host a preview draft for Commander Masters. At this one time event, players will get 3 packs to draft a 60 card Commander deck, plus Commander Masters packs as prizes. Pods will draft in groups of 8 to create a larger card pool, then split into Commander Pods of 3-4 after building their decks. Basic lands are provided.

The Preview Draft will be at 6 pm on July 28. We will not run an additional draft of Commander Masters after this date, as the next weekend will be Commander Masters Deck battles!

Prizes for Preview Draft

Each table will also split a Secret Secret Lair according to elimination order. Everyone entering will also add 1.25 pack to the prize pool, which will be distributed as follows:

  • Winner of the pod | 2 packs
  • Everyone else | 1 pack

Note that Secret Secret Lair More Planeswalkers has 4 cards in it, so we will keep these pods to 4 or fewer players in order that everyone gets at least 1 additional prize card. If there are fewer than 4 players, players will make a second pick in REVERSE standing order starting with last place (so last place will pick a second card, then second to last, and so on). Everyone will also get the following promo card:

Commander Masters Preview Draft and Launch Events

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Commander Masters Preview Draft and Launch Events

Commander Masters Launch Day 

August 5, 12 – 4 pm

Anyone who has purchased a Commander Masters Commander Deck from us is automatically entered into a Commander Party preconstructed event! Play in a pod of 3 or 4 only with unaltered Commander Masters preconstructed decks, earn points for your bingo league card automatically. Every player that plays will get a bonus pack of promo cards!

Promo Cards

We heard our commander players like promo packs and chaos boosters. So we decided, how about we give out our own CHAOS PROMO packs? Play in the commander masters precon event, and receive one of our special promo packs. Each pack has three random promotional cards, with some cards valuing up to $100!

So getting a preconstructed Commander Masters deck from Just Games gets you not only a deck full of new and exciting reprints, as well as a day to play with your precon, bingo stamps, as well as the chance of getting up to a $100 promo pack, just for playing!

We’ve put in an estimated over $1000 worth of cards into the packs, so this is the blowout of commander event promotions!

But what’s in the packs?

Desperate to know what promos are in our packs? Stay tuned as spoilers will be announced in our Discord leading up to the event. Not in our Discord? Hit the Discord icon in the lower left of this page on the socials overlay and join us!

Please note that if you’re a regular Commander League player, this event will give you 1 free “Wild Stamp” on ANY square on the board that you’d like, and is 100% free to enter if you bought your Commander Masters preconstructed deck from Just Games

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