Starts August 13th

The LEVIATHAN FACTION LEAGUE is an event designed to be both a follow-up to the Leviathan L2P for newer players, and the premier event for the launch of 10th edition for returning fans. It will be a five week long themed league centered around conflict across the galaxy, with the forces of the Imperium defending themselves against an incoming invasion of Xenos and Chaos forces, spearheaded by the Tyranids.

$5 per week, which contribute to prizes costs for the entire league.

At the start of the first week, each player will choose to fight either for the Imperium or against it (Xenos & Chaos). Week to week, players may change what army they play so long as it falls under their respective factions. For example, if someone played Tyranids week one they would be a part of the Xenos & Chaos faction, so they could switch to Necrons but could not switch to Space Marines.

Players will play one match each week, and if they win their match they get to place a marker on the Galaxy Map. Weeks 1 and 2 will be at 700pts, and weeks 3 through 5 will be 1000pts. At the end of the four weeks each player will receive an objective marker with art of their chosen faction (done by our very own Chris Jones!), and each player that was part of the winning faction receives store credit as prizing, the amount of which is determined by signup numbers.



Each faction begins with five markers on the map on locations marked by crosshairs. When a player wins a match, they place one marker on a location adjacent to (‘adjacent to’ in this case meaning one of the three closest locations) a location already marked by their faction. A marker may replace an already placed marker of the opposing team. At the end of the 5th week, the faction with the most markers wins!

In short, it’s like an advantage bar with a small amount of placement strategy.



Week 1: Player choose a faction and join the war! We will play faction vs faction and claim territory on the map.

Week 2-4: in-universe events will occur based on prior week’s game play and results. Your battles will move your factions forward across the universe as you claim systems.

Week 5: The faction with the largest amount of territory and points wins and claims the custom faction tokens created by our own in-house artist, Chris Jones!

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