Magic: the Gathering MTG

Lord of the Rings Draft is here

Join us tonight for our first Lord of the Rings booster draft. This format will repeat Wednesdays and Fridays until Commander Masters previews the last week of July. Draft seats promptly at 6:30, signups begin at 6 pm.

Players get 3 packs to create a deck from, draft them at a table of 6-10 players, and then play three rounds! $30 entry per player, with prizes determined by standings AND any player my spend reward points to get 1 promo pack each time they enter this event.

  • 3-0 | 3 packs
  • 2-1 | 2 packs
  • All others 1 pack

Any player may substitute a prize pack for a Promo packs. All prizes packs are in Set Boosters. All draft pools are constructed from Draft Boosters. Just Games gives out the most product per draft of any store – just attending this draft gets you $34 of product if you bought it off our shelves, even if you lose ALL your matches. So there’s no risk that you won’t get your money’s worth, and hey, you might win a couple extra packs.

So journey to Just Games with your friends (folks who aren’t from the Shire, you’re welcome too!) and have some fun with this great format.

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