Leviathan Learn to Play

Event begins July 9th and runs for 5 weeks total. Followed by a Leviathan League for all players. 

Now that Leviathan has hit shelves and is available to be in your hands, we want to give you something to play with it! So get your Leviathan box and let’s play!


The 40K LEVIATHAN LEARN TO PLAY is a five week long event beginning Sunday July 9th at 2:00pm. Bring your Leviathan box and get ready to assemble and play! The first two weeks will be a ‘hobby event’ of primarily building their new models, followed by three additional weeks of community mentors easing new players into the mechanics and gameplay of 40k.

Week 1: Assembly

Come in with your brand new Leviathan box and get to work assembling some models. Kick off the event by joining our hobby day, where you will learn to assemble your miniatures and pick up some tips and tricks from veteran players. This week is a dedicated time slot for Warhammer fans to hang out and build some of their models. Just for coming, each player will receive a pair of model cutters and a 1oz bottle of modeling glue.

Week 2: Painting

Another hobby day, this week you’ll learn the basics of painting. This is a lesson in painting, so cover how to prime, basecoat, wash and highlight. Feel free to BYOP (bring your own paints), but we’ll have paints on hand if needed. Just for coming, each player may choose one paint pot to bring home with them.

Week 3: The Basics

This is the first week of actual 40k gameplay. Each player should have 500 pts of models ready to go. This is where our community mentors’ work will really start to come in handy, they will help guide the newer players through their first games of 40k. Once again, each player may choose a paint pot just for coming.

Week 4: Skirmish Combat

The second week of gameplay, this time around each player should have 700 pts of models prepped. Similar to the first week, community mentors will help walk newer players through the game, just with more units, and therefore more strategies to learn. Once again, each player may choose a paint pot just for coming.

Week 5: Capstone Showdown

The final week, where each player should have all of the models for their faction ready to go for an all-out battle.  One final time, each player may choose a paint pot just for coming, and will also receive a 40k flavored dice set.


$25 for the whole L2P. Players who attend all weeks will get around $80 of paints and supplies! A great opportunity to get into Warhammer.

Seating is limited to the first 12 players to sign up, so preregistration is essential. Existing players, come help us teach the new folks, and gear up for Leviathan League!




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