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Commander Sealed Charity Debrief

We’re super proud of all the community did to support yesterday’s Commander Sealed charity event to benefit the Trevor Project. We had 64 participants, over 80 people in attendance, and a lot of fun!

In total, the event generated $4,646.54 in cash donations! That’s a huge volume, and absolutely blew right by our original fundraising goal of $3500 for this event. That’s so cool!

It also brings Just Games total donations to local and national charitable organizations year up to $11,093.24, surpassing our annual goal of $10,000! Seems like we need a bigger new goal! And we still have the Toys for Tots drive this December 🙂 Let’s do this!

We will have another event like this scheduled soon! If you’re interested in learning more about the Trevor Project hit the link above. If you want to learn more about Just Games and our mission of community-first support, you can read more here.


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