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COVID Policy Update, December 2021

Hey, it’s been a minute since we had one of these!

In accordance with NYS law, starting Monday December 13, all customers will be required to wear a mask while at Just Games, regardless of the purpose of their visit. All event participants will need to continue to providing proof of vaccination, and wear a mask too. Read about that over here.

The good news: not much is changing for Just Games. Most of you have been wearing masks, even in the game room, for the whole year. Go you! You’re trend setters. And we have, and continue to, require proof of vaccination to participate in events in the store.

Here’s the summary of our COVID policies again:

  • Shopping? Wear a mask
  • Playing in an event? Bring proof of vaccination, and wear a mask.
  • On our staff? We wear our masks too.
  • Don’t have a mask? We’ll give you one.
  • Can’t or won’t wear a mask? All our products and services are online.

Here’s the long form version. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Matthew Vercant


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