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Custom Rochester Guild Ball Pitches

Love Guild Ball, but missed your shot at getting a pitch? Losing your marbles trying to find one?  We’ve got you covered with these custom pitches. Featuring a grass and mud pitch, and a special item for our Guild Ball players in the North East – a “gentle blizzard pitch” featuring ice, snow, and of course – mud.Custom Rochester Guild Ball Pitches

Featuring the same high quality that is standard for all playmat production, our pitches are now available for pre-order online via the link below, or in store. Estimated delivery date is February 12, 2016. Feb 18 due to weather delays.

Not living in Rochester? No problem – just choose the USA shipping option.


Pre-order Guild Ball Pitch

Delivery / Ship date Feb 12

Guild Ball Pitch Mats

Custom Rochester Guild Ball Pitches

Custom Rochester Guild Ball Pitches

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