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Spring Forward to Geek & Sundry’s March Game Night

We are proud to have been selected as a Prefered Partner to host a Geek & Sundry Game Night on March 2nd. Join us as we play these three great games, eat some snacks, and hang out until 10 pm enjoying good company, and good games. This event is perfect for families, gamers who want a good time, and anyone who just wants to try some new games!

If 20 or more people show to play games, we will raffel off each of the games we play! We are playing:

Steam Time
Wits & Wagers
Three Cheers for Master!

Steam Time by Thames and Kosmo
Travel through time for steam and profit in Steam Time. Players send out ships and augment the ones they have with time crystals you pick up as you zip around different eras. You’ll need to spend gems to get points, but you need those little bits of time to keep your ship running. What will you do? Time is running out!

Wits & Wagers by NorthStar Games
It’s not always about knowing the right answers, but knowing who knows the right answers. You know? Players try to answer trivia questions and then bet on the answers once everyone has revealed what they think. Bid on your answers, pick out the smarter player, or spread the money around if you are not sure. Sometimes it’s not about being right, but walking away with the most money.

Three Cheers for Master by Atlas Games
It’s not always easy to be the master, but that’s why you have minions there to cheer you up. And what’s better than a human pyramid of less-than-human creatures? Nothing. That’s what. With every draw of the card, you pile on another bloodthirsty beast on top of the next one. You want to build the biggest tower, but these minions have a way of fighting, falling, and killing each other in the process.


Brush the snow off your boots and warm up your dice. #GnSGameNight arrives with the first blooms of spring on March 2nd (6:30 – 10PM). There will be games to play and friends to meet, and you can start getting ready for International TableTop Day! Think of this as your warm-up before the big event. The last thing you want to do is sprain a synapse while in the middle of a big game.

And “BIG” is just the word we have for the March Game Night, with 50 stores staying open late to bring you some of the best board games around. Check out our map below to all the stores participating this time around!

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