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DCC Day 2020, June 13

What is DCC Day? It’s your chance to get free adventure modules, exclusive limited-edition items, and great swag – plus a reason to play the game (Dungeon Crawl Classics) that you already know and love OR your chance to fall in love with a new RPG.


How do you participate in DCC Day? Two very easy ways:

1) Come into the store and buy either of the DCC day exclusives:

  • DCC Core Rulebook featuring “angry Hugh” and/or
  • a new adventure called Shadow of the Beakmen, written by Harley Stroh

2) Sign up to run an online RPG sessions 2020. You can sign up for them by emailing sales@justgamesroc.com. Adventures to be scheduled to run the following Saturday online!


Either of these options will earn you one of these free swag items:

  • DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack, which includes three all-new adventures: one for Dungeon Crawl Classics, one for DCC Lankhmar, and one for Mutant Crawl Classics
  • DCC Quickstart Rules and Intro Adventure  – perfect for the new dungeon crawl adventurer and can be picked up prior to your online game after ticket purchase.

Here are the special releases for DCC Day 2020!

DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack. A new module with three brand-new adventures inside. DCC: Expedition to Algol by Julian Bernick, DCC Lankhmar: The Heist by Harley Stroh, and Mutant Crawl Classics: Ruins of Future Past by Tim Callahan!

DCC Quick-Start Rules. A special DCC Day edition!

DCC Day #1: Shadow of the Beakmen, an all-new level 1 adventure by Harley Stroh. A $9.99 module only available at participating DCC Day stores!

DCC Day Core Rulebook, “Angry Hugh” edition. A new printing of the DCC Core Rulebook featuring the new “Angry Hugh” cover art! This exclusive limited-edition cover will be for sale ONLY at participating retailers!

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