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D&D Charity Epic: D&D Epic Reclamation of Phlan, Nov 2

The Season 4 Epic: Reclamation of Phlan wraps up a story arc that was started in Season 1. In Tyranny of Dragons the green dragon known as the Maimed Virulence took over the town of Phlan. In Season 2 as refugees from Phlan many characters worked with the Zors and other groups in Mulmaster to gain the needed support to take back Phlan, but plans had to be halted due to the city being nearly destroyed by the cults of Elemental Evil. During Season 3 the demons erupting from the underdark caused further delays in the retaking of Phlan, but now that the demons have been pushed back into the abyssal home Phlan becomes the focus and the opportunity to strike at Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence is at hand! Just Games returns to this season to raise money for Golisano Children’s Hospital, but also to celebrate the revision and relaunch of Tyranny of Dragons!

This Charity Epic will be run to benefit Golisano Children’s Hospital as part of our two weekends of Extra Life gaming events! This Epic will take place on Nov 2 from noon to 5 pm. Pizza will be served mid-event. If you’d like to donate directly to our Extra Life events, you can do so here. Otherwise, after all events have run, we will make a donation covering the sum total of all donations, perks, reroll tokens, and prepayments! Want to play? You can register below. Want to learn how to donate or make purchases? Read on.


All profits after food and staff costs will go directly to Golisano Children’s Hospital. If you want to support the event, but can’t attend, there is a donation button below, or you can go directly to our Extra Life link

D&D Charity Epic Reclamation of Phlan

D&D Charity Epic: D&D Epic Reclamation of Phlan, Nov 2

How to Donate

You can donate directly to our Extra Life page here.

On Nov 2, during the Epic, you can also:

  • Donate $1 to Children’s Hospital get you advantage on any roll, at any time. You can donate this at the counter for a reroll token, or to your DM – admins will have instructions on the day
  • Buy a copy of Tyranny of Dragons Hobby Cover, 20% will go to Extra Life!

We’ll also have a Costume Contest! 

  • Come as your character or favorite Forgotten Realms personality, DMs will vote for their favorites and first place will win a free copy of Tyranny of Dragons Hobby Cover when it releases

What is Adventurers League?

Adventurers League, or “AL,” is the Wizards of the Coast organized play program for Dungeons & Dragons. Characters are made in specific parameters, and DMs run specific kinds of “all ages appropriate” module content. You can learn more about it here, including rules for character creation.

What’s a Tier?

D&D Adventurers League games roughly split characters into “Tiers” based on their levels.

  • Tier 1: characters of 1st-4th level
  • Tier 2: characters of 5th-10th level
  • Tier 3: characters of 11th -16th level
  • Tier 4: character of 17th-20th level

Based on attendance at our last Epic, pre-registration for this Epic is absolutely essential. You can do so in-store or at the preregistration button above.

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