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D&D Epic Stardock Under Siege, May 11

Orbiting high above Toril is Stardock, a hollowed-out asteroid used by the Githyanki as a fortress/creche and connected to the Crystal Labyrinth in Undermountain via a magical gate. Now, an illithid invasion threatens Stardock, and only you and your allies can stop it!

Join Just Games at the D&D Epic “Stardock Under Siege” on Saturday, May 11 for 2 sessions. “Stardock” is an adventure for 1st-16th level characters using 5th Edition Adventurers League rules. The first session will be at noon, and the second at 5 pm. Pizza will be provided mid-Epic to refuel the adventuring parties. If you would like to DM a table, please contact sales@justgamesroc.com.

Pre-registration is closed for this epic. Please call for availability, we have limited seating for the noon and 5pm.