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D&D Youth Summer Programs 2020

This July we return to our ever-popular, week-long youth events designed to give children ages 8-16 a chance to build social and teamwork skills through gaming.

These events are D&D-focused, and give young players of all ages and experience levels a chance to take their role-playing to the next level, enjoy the camaraderie of friends their own age, and practice important problem solving and social skills (parents; shhhhh… don’t tell them that this fun is educational!). Our summer camp programming is also expanding this year, with a special week for experienced players so no one gets left out! Here is a summary of the schedule, with more detail below.

  • July 13-17, Venture Forth. New D&D Players camp.
  • July 20-24, Dungeon Master Camp. For players interested in learning painting, cartography, and story construction.

All events are run by Just Games staff, including Steve our D&D Epic admin. Please note: Parents of minors must remain at these events at all times. 

D&D Day Camp – “Venture Forth”

Are your young adventurers ready to venture forth, but aren’t sure of the rules? Are mom and dad not cool enough to game with the kids, but the kids still want to do battle with cunning foes? Then sign them up for the “Venture Forth” program, daily from noon – 4 pm, and they will learn cooperative gaming skills, teamwork, critical thinking and ultimately take home fully fleshed out characters they can play at home or at our monthly youth leagues!

A five day camp. $200. Includes staffing, dice, Players Handbook and supplies for gaming.

D&D Day Camp – “Master the Dungeon”

Are your young adventurers ready to build their own dungeon and learn to hunt for dragons? Then sign them up for the “Venture Forth” program, daily from noon – 4 pm, and they will learn cooperative gaming skills, teamwork, critical thinking and ultimately create a dungeon module to take home and challenge their friends with, so they can learn to be better players in life and in D&D.

A five day camp. $250. Includes staffing, dice, miniatures, paints, and a Dungeon Master’s Guide, with the option to substitute any other like-priced hardcover D&D book if your young dungeon master already owns the DMG. Book substitutions must be made when reservation is placed  (important, substitutions cannot be made day-of, sorry).


Are encouraged to attend and play D&D in our spacious gaming rooms up front or in the rear of the store. All parents attending will play free while waiting if their kids are enrolled in one of the camps (please note that parents will need to bring their own DMing and playing materials – alas, we can only prepare so many bold adventurers at a time ourselves). Also please note that due to the ages of participants, a parent or guardian must be present in the store for the entirety of these events. 

Pricing and reservations

Either session requires a $50 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be put toward the total event fee, which is due on day one of the camp. Substitutions of books must be made requested at least 7 days prior to the first day of camp and may be done at checkout or by emailing sales@justgamesroc.com

D&D 2020 Summer Program

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