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Star Wars Legion Winter Skirmish League, Feb 18

Have a starter box of Legion? Perfect! You have enough points to play in this league under the new Skirmish rules! Don’t have such a box? Well, we have demo kits that are enough for you to TRY playing Legion. Skirmish games are played in around an hour, so you can play several in a night. It makes Legion feel light and quick, similar to X-Wing or Guild Ball, but with that Star Wars miniature flavor we love!

This league runs from February 18 – April 7.

What Happens Here?

This is an casual league day for our Star Wars Legion Skirmish League. Players are paired up each week and must play for the fate of a galaxy far, far away.   During that time, Long, Long ago, players will maneuver and strategize to effectively seize control of key objectives and win the day for the heroic rebellion, or ever powerful empire.

What Is the Entrance Fee?

$10 will sign you up for the whole league.   You can sign up at any point during the league.

What Is a Skirmish Format?

Starting with a small squad, players will battle each week to determine whose mission will be a success, and who will be forced to retreat and regroup. As the weeks go on, players are encouraged to rotate squads to create play variety.

For this event players must bring a squad totalling 500 points or less and following the new Skirmish rules. Skirmish rules may be found here.

How will this League run?

While the official league days are specifically set for players in the league to play their weekly games, players may arrange to play at any point during the week. New weeks start on Tuesdays and end the following Monday.

How do I Score League Points?

We will be keeping track of recognizable accolades, such as attendance, decorations of the officers, etc.  Players score points for the following achievements:

  • Patronage: purchase a Star Wars Legion product from our shop during the league.
  • Games Played: Play in any or all weeks of the league
  • Decorated Painter: Present a member of your army to us for inspection
  • Operation Achievement: At the beginning of every match, secretly select a unit from your army to be protected. If you defeat the enemies secret unit, than you score an operation achievement
  • Major Achievement: once you’ve scored a collective 7 points from mission objectives, come to us to claim your Major Achievement.

Are There Any Prizes?

Legion Bingo League

Yes, the league will feature prizes from Fantasy Flight Game’s monthly organized play kits. Fill in a row of the “bingo-style” chart below and get an awesome promo of your choice. Fill in the whole card before April 7 and get $20 off a Legion item of your choice!

What is Legion?

Star Wars legion is a tactical miniatures game that pits the glorious imperials vs. the traitorus rebellion.   In game you take command of your force and recreate the unsung battles of the galactic nuisance through the use of every available strategy.

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