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Mystery Booster Box Preorder

Releases March 13, 2020

Mystery Booster is a booster pack release inspired by those Chaos, Cube, and off-format drafts. It is, in effect, a chaos draft in a pack. With some twists.

The set itself contains a whopping 1,694 reprints from all throughout the game’s history (see below for the full list), plus 121 copies of something new and surprising. You could fill an entire eight-person draft and not see the same card twice. Perfect for Chaos, perfect for Commander!

The WPN version will also include fifteen cards: fourteen from the main set and one of 121 possible foil cards. The foil cards are cards not found in the main set (yes, above and beyond the 1,694 already in there), making the Draft experience even more repeatable. Plus, someone told us the foil sheet has some pretty exciting stuff on it. But shhhh. You didn’t hear it from us. (Wizard’s will release the list of possible foils when we get closer to the March 13 release.)

Here’s some of the magic that makes Mystery Booster so unique. Each of the 14 boosters slots from the main set of 1,694 cards has its own sheet of 121 possible cards. That means you could do an entire draft and not see the same card twice! Gavin Verhey will have an article later this week that will have more information on each of the 14 slots and which cards from the massive list below are found in which slot in the main set, so look for that.

Cards in Mystery Booster will have the original set symbols and numbering of one of their printings. The only difference? A little Planeswalker symbol in the lower left corner. Like this:

Mystery Booster Box Preorder

Mystery Booster is like nothing we’ve ever done before, and we hope the play experience is fun, exciting, and, yeah, a little bit mysterious. For more on this mysterious new set, Gavin Verhey will have an article coming later this week to give a peek behind the scenes of Mystery Booster‘s creation and far more details on the makeup of the product.


We’re going to be offering a special Commander Draft format Wednesdays as part of Commander “Bingo” League (and part of our regular draft) as well as an awesome Expanded Sealed deck event for Release Saturday, and a regular draft for Release Friday! Prices and details can be found at


Preorders will be taken starting immediately, for local pickup only. Booster boxes of Mystery contain 24 booster packs. Preorders will be $109.99. Buy 3 or 6 booster boxes together and save another $10 per box. After the preorder period closes, the price will go up to $129.99.

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