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Dice Forge Rebellion Pre-order

Anticipated release date Feb 28

Back when Dice Forge came out, everyone was saying “man, this game is RIPE for expansions!” Well, we were right. And here for the first time, before it’s even available on Asmodee North America’s website, are the details of Dice Forge: Rebellion, the first expansion to Dice Forge!

Dice Forge Rebellion Pre-order

About Rebellion Expansion

This is the first expansion for the board game Dice forge. This expansion adds two different modules that can be added to the game. A total of 30 exploit cards as well as new die faces, new boards and an expansion to the sanctuary box are added to offer players new challenges, greater…

Choose between siding with the Titans and the Gods in one of these modules, as well as heroic feats, and new die faces to expand your options and strategy in Dice Forge!


Preorder Rebellion

Pre-order Dice Forge: Rebellion and earn double points, as well as guaranteeing day 1 availability. You can also reserve a copy and pay later for 1 cent, or by calling the store at 585-586-0586.

Dice Forge Rebellion

Dice Forge Rebellion Pre-order

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