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Keyforge Winter Event Schedule and League

Keyforge has been on fire here at Just Games, and we’re proud to announce a new series of Keyforge events on Wednesday and Saturday! If you haven’t played this game yet, you can get a demo in at either event, or just dive in. We are not currently using full tournament rules, just toodling around with the formats and having fun, so no experience is needed.


Wednesday Sealed 6pm

Sealed league, entry is the purchase of one deck. Pods of 6-8 players. 1st place gets 1 more deck to open. Rounds are best of one game, 35 minutes matches. Rounds based on attendance (4 max).


In the Sealed format, each player purchases a new deck. Players do not open their sealed decks until the official start of the event, and players are encouraged to wait to register the decks to their Master Vault accounts until the end. After opening their decks, players are given a few moments to read through and familiarize themselves with their contents, then the tournament begins.

Like with a normal Sealed event, each player buys and opens a deck before the start of the event. Unlike a normal Sealed event, after all players have opened and registered their decks, each deck is placed on a table. Players are arranged in a random order around the table. The event organizer then randomly selects and calls out a deck. That deck’s owner must start by bidding 0 chains. Then, in clockwise order, other players may bid higher than the current bid, or pass on bidding further for that deck. When all players have passed, the highest bidder wins that deck to use for the duration of the tournament and passes bidding on all other decks. Repeat the process for each deck. If a deck is randomly selected and its owner has already won the bid for another deck, the next player in clockwise order must place the initial bid of 0 chains for that deck.
Players start each game in that tournament with chains equal to their highest bid for the deck they are using. At the end of the event, each deck returns to the person who originally purchased and opened it.

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks, January – February.

Saturday Archon league, 1 pm

Entry is $5. Bring 3 decks. 3 rounds. 3-0 players get 1 additional Keyforge deck. Additional prizes based on league points. Points are gained 1 for a win, 1 for attending, 1 for buying a new deck and playing it in the event. Rounds are best of three games, 90 minute matches.

FORMAT – Archon Triad
In Archon format, each player brings 3 decks to the tournament. This decks must be an official, unaltered KeyForge Archon Deck that the player either obtained ahead of time or bought at the event itself.
Each player has 3 decks that they can use throughout the tournament. Each round, each player chooses one of their opponent’s decks to “bench,” making that deck unusable for that match.
Each round consists of a best-of-three match. When a player wins a game, they must switch to their other deck for the rest of the match. This means that a player must win a game with each of their non-benched decks to win the match.


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