Epic D&D Season 2 begins May 2

Join the campaign players are calling the “best D&D I’ve ever played”

Have you or a family member wanted to learn D&D, or just wanted to bring your campaign to the “next level” of long-term adventure with real character engagement and story development? Join our Epic D&D campaign in the World of Ludos and build 2023’s story – live every Tuesday from 6 – 9 pm – with our team of professional DMs.

Epic D&D Features

  • Learner-friendly mechanics and culture at every table
  • Perfect for 1st time players, all ages friendly
  • Professional DMs who are masters of the craft of DMing, telling a collaborative story
  • Full-scale painted terrain and dungeon features, miniatures
  • Interconnected adventures our tables – what happens at your table influences what happens at my table!
  • Scaling player involvement with levels and time invested – play longer, have more influence on the story and world!
  • Tie-in personalized adventures for your character that influence the world at every table (for season 1 players, your first chance at this will be the opening weeks of Season 2)

Get some details at, where you can also watch the campaign unfold (it is presently under construction, but you can see the broad strokes of how the campaign is organized, learn to play information, etc over on that sub-site).

Sign ups are limited, preregistration strongly encouraged for week 1

Part of personalizing the game and ensuring the highest quality of event means planning! You must sign up in advance for these events, but how you sign up is entirely up to you!

Buy a 3 month Season Pass, covering roughly the first tier of play, and be ready to get your player-specific adventure under way! Or get just the first day, May 2, and try it out!

  • Weekly $25 (buy the first week only, pay at the door each subsequent week)
  • Season Pass $250 for first 3 months – best value!

The Season 2 Pass will run May – July of 2023, including every Tuesday night in that time period, and cover the second tier of play. Capstone events will take place in September for characters who survive their adventures and participate in 75% or more of the sessions.

Register online

DM’s interested in running one of these tables should apply with their professional DM credentials by emailing More details to come, check this space.

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