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Battle Spirits Release event Saturday

Release is on Friday, Release event is Saturday. 

Long ago, the realms were disparate lands in constant conflict.
Then, 250 years ago, a hero called Kei appeared, ending the wars and
unifying the realms into a single, peaceful empire under his rule.
However, as many histories have proven, peace never lasts.
Two and a half centuries later, law and order has grown lax, government corruption has spread, and the empire’s authority has begun to wane, threatening an end to the era.
Battle Spirits Release event Saturday

About Battle Spirits Set 01

The booster lineup includes more than 130 cards including Siegwurm Nova, the main character of the 4K CG video! You can build 2 or more decks for each of the 4 colors, each with their own unique gameplay style and themes. X Rares, Special Rares, and Top Rares are holo with texture foiling, while Common, Uncommon, and Rare cards are all also available in holo versions! Both players and collectors will love these gorgeous cards that include many fascinating characters from the Battle Spirits Saga world. You can also read and enjoy the settings and stories of each character from the card’s flavor text.

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Release event details

The release event will follow the recommended format, and will use only the contents of 1 starter deck of your choice to keep the format fair for new players.

Battle Spirits Release event Saturday

Promos for the release event will be as follows. The release event is limited to 16 players, and starts promptly at 1 pm. Preregistration is $5. Top 8 will split 1 box of boosters.

Battle Spirits Release event Saturday

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