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March of the Machine Store Championship

May 20 at 1 pm

Magic Store Championships return! Once again, this year the top 8 players at each store will receive 1 or more promo cards with that store’s name printed on them. As always, these are some of the rarest promo cards in the game, with 1st place being one of a kind stamped with the hosting store’s name.

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Format & Cost

Cost is $40 per player, after tax, and includes all packs, prizes and materials for play. 

Signups will be from noon to 1 pm, with sealed beginning promptly at 1pm. The format will be Sealed – March of the Machine.  Top 8 prizes will be as below, with additional prizes added for lower rankings depending on attendance.

Store Championship Prizes

Top 8 will receive prizes as follows:

  • 5-8th | 2 Aftermath collector boosters*
  • 3rd & 4th | 3 Aftermath collector boosters
  • 2nd | 4 Aftermath collector boosters
  • 1st | 5 Aftermath collector boosters

*Exact boosters will be based on stock levels at the time of the event. 

Now for the parts you really want: the promos stamped with the store name.

  • Participation: Strangle
  • Top 8: Aether Channeler
  • First Place: Thalia and The Gitrog Monster
March of the Machine Store Championship

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