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Eternal Masters – Pre-orders and Drafts

Draft Through Eternity

Take a step outside time with Eternal Masters. This exciting set lets you draw on some of the most sought-after cards from throughout the history of Magic—some with new artwork—to enhance your Cube or your favorite Commander, Vintage, and Legacy decks.

Eternal Masters is designed to be a unique and enjoyable Draft experience, much like Modern Masters. It will not contain cards from the Reserved List, but it will feature many exciting Eternal staples, including:

Eternal Masters – Pre-orders and DraftsEternal Masters – Pre-orders and Drafts
The market is already blowing up on these very limited boxes. Wizards original WPN allocations were 48 boxes per store – these have since been reduced to 32 boxes per store. We expect supplies to be extremely limited, so be sure to pre-order a box or reserve a seat in draft at the store today.

Pre-order a booster box

Pre-orders on booster boxes will be in-person at the store only, through May 22. Preorders only will get a special bracket of Points-based discounting designed to reduce the price significantly for the customers that have supported us since our opening.

Booster Boxes: $299.99
Members may redeem their Member Rewards Points on this product in the following tiers:
  • 1000 Points = 1 box for $279.99
  • 2000 points  = 1 box for $259.99
  • 3000 points = 1 box for $239.99
  • 4500 points = 1 box for $234.99
  • 6750 points = 1 box for $224.99
  • 10500 points = 1 box for $204.99
  • 14000 points = 1 box for $179.99
  • 18000 points = 1 box for $139.99
  • 26000 points = 1 box for $99.99
Due to limited supply, only customers with an active membership will be allowed to reserve a box of Eternal Masters.


Booster Drafts will fire on release Friday and Saturday, June 10-11, all day, as we have interest and product.
Release weekend drafts will be $35 / player, 8 players per pod, 3 packs of EM for 1st, 1 pack for 2nd.
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