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Fabled Passage Promo – 3 ways to get it

Everyone has been asking about that Fabled Passage promo and how to get it! Well, June 18 is finally here, and you can nab your Fabled Passage Promo right away by spending $50 or more on Magic product. Here are some great ways to do it!

#1 Grab a Modern Horizons Fabled Passage 5-Pack Deal

5 Modern Horizons Set Boosters for $50, a heckuva deal, also earns you 1 Fabled Passage Promo. Supplies of this bundled promotion are limited, but while they last this is an amazing option.

#2 Play MH2 Draft tonight in-store

A flat $40 entry + 1 Set Booster pack gets you over the $50 mark, and qualified for the Fabled Passage Promo. Neat! You can also win some extra set boosters from playing, AND instantly redeem 500 points for a non-foil Promo Pack as a bonus prize. That’s a sick deal, but again, it’s only while draft supplies last.

#3 Snag a Set Booster Box or Bundle of MH2

If you were waiting on the promo to snag these; now’s your moment. Bundles and Set Booster boxes crush that $50 mark, and absolutely get you a Fabled Passage Promo.

We don’t expect these to last long, since they look AMAZING and are highly playable cards; get yours while supplies last! We know some folks want playsets, but please note Wizard’s has limited this promotion to 1-per customer.

Fabled Passage Promo – 3 ways to get it

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