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Magic Promo Packs – More ways to get ’em

Want to get these fancy Magic promo packs? Now you can get them any time you attend an event!

Any player can redeem their rewards points for these packs at any time during an event (limit 1 pack of each type per event). So if you never spent any money apart from event entries, that would mean every 5 events, you’d get a regular pack, guaranteed!

  • MTG Promo Pack | 500 rewards points
  • MTG Foil Promo Pack | 750 rewards points
  • You can always substitute a promo pack for any regular pack you’d get as a prize, once per event.

Note these packs are in addition to anything we give out for special events, promotions, regular play, or whatever, and it’s eligible for every event – so if you play Commander League or Draft, competitive Modern or only the occasional GP, you can earn Magic promo packs for it on top of everything else.

The promo pack is a pack of Magic: The Gathering promotional cards. It was introduced by Wizards of the Coast to WPN stores from Core Set 2020 onward. These packs are not for specific events. They’re for sales incentives, attendance incentives, or both! We want players who enjoy many events to get a greater flexibility of access, while not punishing players that have one favorite format. 

It’s just one more great way to get Magic cards as a reward for participating in events!

Speaking of events…

Be sure to check out our returning weekly event schedule, now that CDC regulations have relaxed and we can get together again! Be ready to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Otherwise, it’s going to be very much back to normal at Just Games!


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