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Commander Sealed 2021: A Charity Fundraiser MTG event

Commander Sealed 2021: A Charity Fundraiser MTG event


This event is sold out. 

Welcome to Commander Sealed 2021! This is the second run of Commander Sealed in Rochester NY, as the 2020 event was postponed due to COVID. Commander 2019 was fun and successful, drawing 36 players from across New York and neighboring states. You can sign up here, if you’re just looking for that link. Otherwise, read on for more detail!

Angelo Guerrera of EDHREC took home the win with his Damia Sage of Stone deck. 2021 aims to be even more ambitious with 64 seats open to fully-vaccinated players. This format was conceived as a way to engage in casual, tournament-level, EDH play, without mismatched expectations of power level. Previously, playgroups had to resort to EDH precons for all players to approximate even power levels. Pubstomping or cEDH-level fast combo are challenging  to execute when a deck is built spontaneously in a limited environment. As this format is a mashup of the Sealed, Chaos Draft, and Commander formats; some rules of each format will override others.

Questions, comments, or concerns? You can ask our event coordinator, Matthew Vercant, by emailing You can also email the community organizer and brains behind this cool event, Dean Gootee, at, or scan the QR code for more details!

Commander Sealed 2021: A Charity Fundraiser MTG event

When and Where?

Commander Sealed 2021 will be held in Rochester, NY on September 25th, 2021 at Just Games.

Sign Me Up!

You can grab a ticket on our website! Or pop into the store. Or contact Dean directly – he’d be very happy to help or answer questions!


Commander Sealed 2021: A Charity Fundraiser MTG eventFirst, Commander is fun and Limited is fun. Why not mash them up?

Second, millions of LGBTQ+ youth in America and around the world are at increased risk of suicide, housing shortage, substance abuse, poverty, and discrimination. The Trevor Project supports and resources these vulnerable youth. This year, Dean is highlighting The Trevor Project because for him, it’s personal. Growing up queer and underrescourced, he suffered emotionally and psychologically. He hopes that by supporting The Trevor Project, growing up can be brighter for the queer youth of today.

What’s Included?

Each ticket costs $150. Each player receives a seventeen pack sealed pool, with all proceeds going to benefit the Trevor Project. The pool consists of:

3x packs of Commander Legends

1x pack each of Dominaria, Battlebond, Modern Horizons, and Modern Horizons 2

1x pack of Jumpstart

1x pack from among Modern Masters 2017, Ultimate Masters, Mystery Booster and Double Masters. These packs are player chosen; first-come, first-served. Leave your choice in the comments at checkout (or if you paid via Dean’s donation pool on PayPal, simply tell Dean!).

8x other packs from among War of the Spark, Throne of Eldraine, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, Core Set 2021, Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, Strixhaven, and Adventures in Forgotten Realms. These packs are player chosen;  first-come, first-served. Each pack must be from a different set. Again, leave your choice in the comments at checkout (or if you paid via Dean’s donation pool on PayPal, simply tell Dean!).

Special Rules

Dean has cooked up some cool alternate rules, specifically for this charity event. Take note of them! They keep rounds light and fun, and result in a winner in a brisk timeframe. Check out his full document here (most of the critical details you’ve already read, but for those who love the full deal, read here).

As usual, please note that our Code of Conduct policies are in full effect for this event. You can read more detail here.

Are there fabulous prizes? Or perhaps glory?

OBVIOUSLY. First off, we have a goal of raising $3500 or more for the Trevor Project. If we only get entry fees and sell all tickets, we’re going to hit that goal. Obviously, that’s a super great reason to spend an afternoon playing Magic.

We’re also going to give away packs every 30 minutes, from among those in the sealed pool. That’s pretty neat. Oh, and first place will win a set of all 5 2021 commander decks, AND everyone at the top table will get a Secret Lair Ultimate 2. Additional prizes will be added as we approach our funding goal.

Have an idea for a community-driven charity event?

Send it to us! Part of our mission is supporting events you tell us are important to your community of gamers! We’re always interested in good causes, and we believe that a local company has to do more than “just sell stuff.” If you have an idea, email

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