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D&D Summer Youth Programs 2021 – Online Programs

Each summer since we’ve been open, we’ve done a robust, in-person summer day program for parents to bring young adventures to. We know having activities at home is important right now, so this year, rather than manage all the health concerns of parents and young kids interacting in person, we’re going to run those summer programs virtually!

Register online here

There’s some great things about this; one, we can have smaller, personalized groups, and two, children can play MORE since the virtual element won’t cross schedule with our in store events. It also means our “player” and “DM” weeks will be blended together, so participants get a taste of both. Also, since our fee structure is separated out, it costs returning participants less than prior years.

VERY IMPORTANT: While the summer is structured as an ongoing campaign, children do NOT need to attend ALL WEEKS to participate. We have specifically reengineered our program to allow children to drop in in week 2 or 3, play for a couple weeks, and hop out again if they like. Obviously, we believe the experience is more fun if they play all weeks! But we get that schedules conflict. On that note; parents, if you sign up but your child is unable to attend for any reason, no problem. Let us know before the start of a week and we will issue store credit for the exact amount of the days your child can’t attend!

How it works

  • Sign up for the weeks that your children are going to participate. Programs will be 6 hours a day, from 10 am to 4 pm, with a 1 hour lunch break.
  • See our list of recommended supplies for each week. If your child doesn’t have all the necessary supplies, you can get them right on our website, and we can deliver them right to your house (or you can pick them up) before the week begins.
  • Recommended for ages 8-14

A schedule of events continues below, with the first week starting June 28 and the last week ending July 30.


Schedule of Online “Day Camps” for Children ages 8-15

Programs will be scheduled as an “ongoing story,” so that children that play all 5 weeks get a full “campaign” experience! Dungeon Masters will be drawn from our pool of vetted, children’s DMs who are often educators, day care providers and health care professionals in their “day job.” Tables are subject to oversight by Just Games management, and of course, parents are welcome to sit in at any time.

Each day has 5 hours of game play and activities, from 10 am to 4 pm, with a break for lunch at noon, followed by optional “enrichment activities” that let interested kids explore the mapping, painting and hobby aspects of Dungeons & Dragons! Each day at the beginning (or end, as the DM deems appropriate) of the session, children will take turns sharing what they did for the enrichment activity.

Events are $29.99 per day OR $120 for an entire week. You can also buy the whole summer of game play for $575. Drop ins are welcome, so long as the child has prior D&D experience.


Required for all weeks:

  • Required Materials (sold separately): Player’s Handbook, set of dice, pencils, paper
  • Roll20 Software (free), Discord (free), Email for communication between and before sessions (free)
  • Please EMAIL the account you will be using for Discord and email communication to after to signup.

June 28-July 2

The adventure begins! Character creation will happen on day 1, with game play beginning after lunch. Participants who wish to plan ahead can build a Level 1 character to Adventure’s League specifications.

July 5-9

  • Into the dungeon! Dungeon Crawl begins!
  • Enrichment: designing maps and map making. Guidance on how to create cool dungeons at home with everything from graph paper to 3D terrain!
  • Recommended Materials (sold separately): Wiz Kids Warlock Tiles

July 12-16

  • Continued adventures! Player characters will earn level advancements and expand their powers
  • “Homework” activities will include basic painting instruction (priming, base colors) for player characters or monsters (or both! If the child chooses)
  • Recommended Materials (sold separately): 2-5 Nolzur’s miniatures and a Learn to Paint set

July 19-23

  • Characters will be roughly mid-level. For some participants, this may be the highest level adventure they have played! New rules will be explained as needed by the DM
  • Enrichment: Create a monster! DM help on balancing stats, special powers, ecology, backstory and more!
  • Recommended Materials (sold separately): D&D 5EMonster Manual or for advanced players: monster cards

July 26-30

  • The high level portion of the summer program! Characters will now face their most difficult challenges, and wrap up their summer stories ready to participate in Winter / Spring Epics!
  • Enrichment: Create a magic item! DM help in balance, level requirements, legends surrounding the item, and how to incorporate it into a story!
  • Recommended Materials (sold separately): D&D 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide

Fine print

All participants must adhere to our code of conduct. Just Games reserves the right to remove any participant from a chat room or event for a day, or the remainder of the week, should a behavior issue become disruptive to other participants or the organizers. In the event of such a removal, assuming no resolution can be reached, no refunds will be given. All participants are expected to behave as though in a public space – no vulgarity or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated under any circumstances. All children and participants on microphone will be recorded for quality control and security. These recordings will never be bought or sold, and will be deleted after a period of 30 days. Program administrators may attend your sessions at any time to ensure all participants have the best possible experience. Parents wishing to find out more, ask questions, or raise concerns can contact Matthew Vercant at Please refer to our Code of Conduct for details on expected behavior online or in-store.

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