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Board Game Swap Debrief

Over $3000 donated to charity, 900+ games swapped & sold

First, a sincere thank you to the Rochester regional board game community, who have been so enormously supportive throughout the last year and a half. We couldn’t be here, writing this, without you.

Second, the energy in the store on Saturday was incredible. As each wave of folks (still mostly masked, but some grinning ear-to-ear and fully vaccinated) came in, there were waves of applause. The relief to be safely back in-person was palpable, and I know our staff felt it too. What a wonderful event!

Now, we typically give a solid debrief on these events because they’re pretty intense. We did a few things it was clear you liked, and we want to let you know we heard you, and give you all the good news

  • First off, this was our second-largest swap in history. Pretty good for a pandemic
  • Second, we donated $3600 worth of games to area charities – that’s SO CRAZY. Thank you all who left your games for the donation program. If you are a teacher or librarian that wants to get in on the donation action – email us now at We’ll get you on our list for the next round!
  • Ticketed entry was a huge success – much calmer, much more fun – lots of smiles and less stress all ’round. We’ll be doing that again in the fall, for sure.

All store credit has now been processed. As with any retail operation, there may be some processing errors here or there. If you encounter one, just reach out to and we’ll correct it.

This was just such a great event! We have more board game events on the horizon, and great ways to engage with our rental library, so stay tuned!

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