COVID-19 Magic: the Gathering

FNM at Home

Over the next three Fridays, players will have the opportunity play an FNM event on MTG ArenaThose players can take a screenshot of their event page and share it with us via email at Please note that submission via email is the ONLY way to get credit for playing. If a player does, we will provide the corresponding week’s code. Each week’s code provides players with one card-back style.

Of course, you’ll be playing on Arena, so why are we emailing? How does this really help local stores? And what’s this event you may have seen on our web store? Well, first of all, it helps us track players who are signed up, and ensures that it’s less likely you’ll fake a screen shot. Not enough? Okay… you’ll also get:

This virtual ticket will send your information over to us. If you buy 3 tickets at once, we’ll send you each week’s code, as that week comes out.

Register at our website, here

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