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Prepping your at home camera!

Whelp, game rooms are shut down, but our Magic community is NOT DEFEATED! Geeks, hobbiest, crafty people; unite! We’ve scoured the recesses of the internet (okay, really just some reddit posts and game store best practices, but you get the idea), and found a quick and dirty Magic-themed camera set up using your cell phone. Very very soon, we’ll be launching online leagues. You can sign up for Commander league online, starting Wednesday March 25, right here. What you’ll need for that is a very short list:

  • A cell phone with camera and microphone
  • A fat pack box or similar object
  • Scissors or hobby knife
  • Discord, enabled for Video chat (you can learn about Discord Video Chat here)
  • A will to thrive and play paper Magic in this strange new reality!

Here’s how all those things make a camera stand:

Prepping your at home camera!
Find an old fat pack box (or “Bundle” box if you prefer – they’re just as good!). You’ve probably got these lying around. Open it up, and safe both halves.
Prepping your at home camera!
First, cut two little wedges out of the end of your fat pack box, as shown:
Prepping your at home camera!
Then cut the end out of the fat pack box, as shown. Be careful, as you need the cardboard to stay STIFF to work.
Prepping your at home camera!
Turn the interior of the box over as show, and place it into the top of the box. Then insert your phone as shown, camera facing down at an angle. If you have a front and back camera, some apps will let you film your face AND the area in front of the camera – bonus!
Prepping your at home camera!
Arrange your cards in front of the camera like so, such that you can move the camera and your opponent can see your plays.


Prepping your at home camera!
You’re ready for online Magic leagues!

So go forth, innovative Magic players of the pandemic! Prepare yourselves for online Magic league, coming soon to Just Games Online!

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