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FNM Legacy League

Play Legacy, support local charities, have fun! Weekly at FNM Legacy League! Don’t have a Legacy deck? We will rent you one!


$15 entry, constructed no-proxy Legacy, played every Friday starting October 15, 2021 at 6 pm (registration begins at 5:30). 4 rounds, 50-minutes in length, with prizes paid out by final record. Please note that as with all our events, store credit cannot be used for the event entry.

Store Credit Prizes

  • $50 for 4-0
  • $40 for 3-0-1
  • $30 for 3-1
  • $20 Best Record with a rented deck
  • For every entry, $3 will go in the pool toward the end of month prizes. Prizes will be split among winners and their chosen charities.

Each month of the league, on the last Friday of the month, players in the following categories will get additional prizes based on total attendance:

  • Most Wins
  • Most wins with a rented deck
  • Assuming a 16 player attendance, this works out to ~$50 store credit per winner, and ~$50 donated to the charity of their choice. Any “odd prizes rounding” resulting from byes or drops will be donated to the charity of the players choice as well.

Charity Donations

Each month, on the last Friday of the month, the players with the best records that month will get an additional prize. They will also choose a local charitable organization (from our list below, or another of their choice with our approval). That organization will get an equal amount of money donated to it by Just Games.

  • Foodlink
  • Mental Health Association of Rochester
  • Verona Street Animal Society:
  • Rochester Roots:
  • Willow Center for Domestic Violence:

Renting Decks

How does that work? $30 rents the deck for a whole month of play. Playing with a rented deck also gives you access to the second bracket of league prizes “most wins with a rented deck” – so while the rental means you don’t get to pick your list, and it’s likely not as “optimized” it puts you in the running for prizes that no one else can touch! We want folks to try this format, and feel like they get rewarded for “being new”

  • Important: If you know you want to rent a deck in advance of this event, please contact us at in advance of the first league night. Decks are limited, and we want to be sure we have enough to cover all new players. 
  • To rent a deck you must have a valid driver’s license and credit card, both of which will be placed on hold at the front desk while the deck is in your possession.
  • Damage or loss to the deck is 100% the responsibility of the renter. Any such damage will be billed immediately to the credit card on file at TCG low +15%.
  • Decks will be returned sorted, in the order on their registration sheet, or the renter’s card will be charged a $10 resorting fee weekly.
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