Gift your friend Epic D&D!

Want to give the best D&D to a friend? Buy this pass for someone else – put their shipping address in the checkout field, and we’ll mail them a custom invitation to 2024’s first Season of Epic D&D. A scroll will arrive at their house sometime before Christmas, wrapped and ready for them to open and read their custom invitation to high adventure!

Epic D&D runs from 6-9pm every Tuesday night, January – March of 2024. This gift edition must be ordered by December 13 to get to your friend by Christmas. Supplies are limited, and once this ticket sells out there will not be more invitations like it this season. 

Gift your friend Epic D&D!

What is Epic D&D?

Epic D&D is the high-gloss, DM-driven, player-agency first D&D you’ve always wanted to play. We use form sculpted painted terrain from our private terrain library to create an amazing visual experience, while our DMs use cutting edge, never before played content to drive the story you want to play! The more seasons you play, the greater your customization, and the deeper the story becomes. Join us for our second year of Epic D&D – called “The best D&D I’ve ever played”!

Content begins Tuesday January 2 at 6 pm, and runs every Tuesday through Tuesday March 26 2024 for Season 1. Season 1 begins with fresh characters at level 1, so this is not only the best time for you to join, it makes a spectacular holiday gift!

Give the best D&D gift today

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