Lorcana League – Season 2 promos available

The Second Season of Lorcana League continues this Friday at 5 pm. Promo cards have now arrived and are ready for you to earn via repeated play!

League will run for 12 weeks, through the end of February. Supplies of promos are limited, so we cannot promise a specific promo will remain after the first 5 weeks. You get promos, while supplies last, based on the following structure:

  • Week 1: Cinderella promo card
  • Week 2: Minnie Mouse promo card
  • Week 3: Bucky promo card
  • Week 4: Robin Hood promo card
  • Week 5: Choice of Lorcana pin
  • Week 6 and beyond: choice of any remaining promo

Each week will be $10, returned as store credit. Limit of 1 starter package per player attending will be honored – if you buy 10, but only 1 person attends, we will refund the other 9 as store credit. Additional product will be released only to players participating in the league, until such time as the publisher catches up their production runs.

Register for this Friday, December 8. Registration at 5 pm, round 1 at 5:30, with 3 rounds of play.

Get your Season 2 Starter online

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