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Great 2020 Terrain Contest Entries & Vote

Here are the entries for the Great 2020 Terrain Contest! Each one has had the entrant’s name removed, been randomly ordered, and been assigned a number. Now the vote can begin! If you want a review of the categories, scroll to the bottom.

Our local painter judges will weigh in by email, using these photos to make their decisions. Their votes will be weighted as 40% of the decision. Our staff judges will then weigh in, also based on these photos, and will be 20% of the decision. The remaining 40% of the vote we leave to you; our players and customers! Review the terrain below and then vote for a winner in each category.

Scroll all the way down to vote! Voting closes November 8.

Contest Entries

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3
Entry #4
Entry #5


Entry #6 Entry #7 Entry #8 Entry #9

Entry #10

Entry #11 Entry #12

Contest Categories

As a refresher, here are the categories.

Best Painted

To win this category, your piece of terrain has to really POP. Expect to fully paint, base, highlight and add that special something with your paint!

Best Customization

It didn’t come in the box this way, but DANG is it cool looking!

Most Functional

This piece looks good, but it can also take a beating at the gaming table.

Overall Most Excellent, Spectacular, Totally Awesome and Pretty

The ideal overall winner will be well-painted, include some customization and be functional on the gaming table. Good terrain should be a thing of beautify too, so we’ll also score this on how pretty it is, as well as how well it bridges all the other categories.


Vote for the winners

Fill out this form to vote! Be sure to choose a winner in each category!

Voting is closed, check back for results soon!