Magic: the Gathering New Releases

Commander Collection Green Preorders open

Anticipated release date December 4, 2020

We have confirmed our preorder quantities from distribution on Commander Collection Green. Initial preorders closed in October, a new wave of preorders will be available in late November. In order to prevent preorder scalping, but to continue to accommodate social distancing and at-home ordering, we will have a system available online to reward local customers and disincentivize buyouts.

Commander Collection: Green features some beloved and sought-after reprints for Magic’s most popular multiplayer format. It contains:

Commander Collection Green Preorders open

We know online prices are crazy right now, so we wanted to give our local customers a chance to buy these early.

Please note: we expect these early prices to sell out very quickly, perhaps within a few hours. If you miss this window, additional quantities will be available on release day.

Preorder Commander Green

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