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Just Games Marble Mayhem (JGMM) Team Competition

The Just Games Team Contest, allows fans to submit a team to compete in the Just Games Marble Mayhem competition. The rules for submission included:

  • You may only submit one team for this contest.
  • Your team must consist of at least 5 equally looking marbles (4 regular athletes, 1 reserve).
  • Your team marbles must have a unique look. It must be distinguishable from every other team competing in the competition. In case of similarities between teams, the team registered first will have precedence.
  • Your team marbles must meet the JGMM size standard of 16mm and they have to be made of glass.
  • You must not alter your team marbles in any way. Any unnatural advantage over other teams will result in a permanent disqualification from ALL events in JGMM.
  • While you don’t have to physically possess the marbles to register, you must ensure that you have them by start time on the day of competition or risk disqualification.
  • Your team must have a unique name, in addition, a logo, names for all members and a short history about its origins is highly recommended but not required. Remember, these teams are none of the classics and you have to impress the community to get those sweet votes during the voting period.

Cost is $5 to enter, and play all day! Entry fee returned as store credit, prizes distributed in bragging rights 🙂

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