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Games for Everyone Series: Co-ops and Calico!

Games for Everyone returns this Saturday, August 28 at 1 pm! Due to some shipping delays, we’ve had to change up our original roster for this event; we’re going to show off some great Coooperative Games … and also Calico!

  • Obscurio – An awesome semi-cooperative escape from the wizard’s tower
  • Zombie Teenz – Cooperate with your friends and launch an expedition to drive off the overwhelming hordes!
  • Calico – make the coziest quilt to attract the coolest cats
  • Descent – the Dungeon Crawler to have in your hands this year (sorry Frostgrave, we’re hoping you arrive in 2022 as well!)

Why coops and Calico? Because we love both cats and cooperation! Who says you need a better theme than that?

The event starts at 1 pm, all are welcome, and we’ll be teaching the games until 4 pm! As always, any of these games you buy, or order, will give you double rewards points.

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