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Kill Team Tournament, May 1

Kill Team players, get your fire teams ready for the game’s first official tournament at Just Games! The first of these tournament days will be May 1, noon – 6 pm. If things go well, this will repeat on the 3rd Sunday of each month, so plan ahead. This is an excellent opportunity to test your competitive mettle on the killzone against other players!

We will be using the BestCoastPairings app, where players will post their 20 model command rosters and select their factions.


Entry Fee: $20

Register online in advance here

  • 12:15 PM event start time.
  • Three Rounds.
  • 24 Player maximum.
  • Triple points on all Kill Team product purchases on the day of the event!
  • Register on BCP after paying the event fee. You can do that right here.

Kill Team Tournament, May 1

Prize Support

All prize support will be based on number of participants and will be paid in store credit.

  • Best Painted
    • This will be determined by a secret ballot handed out between the second and third round.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as determined after the final round on the BCP event standings.


Rounds will be 1 ½ hours, with fifteen minute breaks between each round.


This event will use the following missions from the matched play section of the core rulebook:

  1. Loot and Salvage
  2. Domination
  3. Seize Ground


            Tournament points will be determined by wins, losses, and ties. Wins will grant 3 tournament points, ties will grant 1 tournament point, and losses will grant 0. In the event of a tie on the standings, the first tie-breaker will be victory point differential, and the second will be total victory points.

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