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Learn to DM Class, May 1

Join us from 6-9:30 pm as our staffer Dungeon Master Steve runs a workshop on how to be a Dungeon Master (or “DM”)! As part of our participation in National Screen Free Week, we want to get those curious about Dungeon Mastering into a room.

Who should come?

  • Any adult curious about DMing
  • Those who want to build their confidence in being a Dungeon Master
  • Folks whose friends are “making them” DM who feel like they don’t know what they’re doing

What will happen?

We’ll do some exercises and games intended to give you a crash course in the skills of storytelling, table management, and creating fun. We’ll spend a little time on rules, and a lot of time on activities designed to build confidence in your skills as a Dungeon Master. You’ll get to see Steve in action, and get to play the game, but also learn why the person behind the screen is making decisions, and why, and what you could do differently.

Costs and other details

This class is $25, all of which you get back as store credit, so you can get whatever supplies you are inspired to own after your 3 hours DM course! Preregistration is strongly encouraged, as seating is limited.


Learn to DM is full! Please stay tuned for our next session to be scheduled

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