Classes Magic: the Gathering

Learn to Play Magic, January 28

Join us to learn to play Magic the Gathering on January 28 starting at 5 pm. 

Beginner – friendly, while the recommended age of the game is 13 years and older, welcome to everyone of any age. Magic guides will be on hand to help you learn this cool game, some tricks for deckbuilding, and everything else you need to know to feel ready for the Kamigawa: Neon Dreams prerelease on February 11.

Help us plan for you by registering for free online. If you get an error on the PayPal screen, ignore it! Paypal doesn’t like it when you try to pay for free things, but your ticket is reserved once you get to that screen.

Love this event and want to learn more? Come to our Learn to Play Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Prerelease on February 16

Talk to your Friendly Local Guide for more information and how to get started!

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