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Magic FNM Online – Historic on Arena!

FNM Online – Historic and Commander

Magic FNM Online – Historic on Arena!
We’re piloting a new FNM Online format. This Friday is Historic. To play you’ll need to hop onto our Discord server, and join our Companion App event using the code “E2RXYN.” Here are all the details:

Download the Wizards Companion App onto your device of choice. You can get that right here:

Then on Friday at 7 pm, log into our MTG Chat on our Discord server (to find our Discord, go to Facebook and join the “Gamers at Just Games” group and search for “Discord” OR email for the link. If we make it public, we’ll get flooded with spambots 🙁 ). Also, make sure you login to our event using the Companion App code “E2RXYN.” This code will change weekly, so look for a new code each week!

Pairings will then be sent directly to your phone! You’ll play via Direct Challenge on Magic Arena, and each Friday there will be a different featured format. This Friday is Historic!


To be eligible for prizes, you’ll need a ticket, purchasable here:

Signup earns you immediate prizes: PLEASE NOTE, you do not need to signup to PLAY, but you do need to sign up to get PRIZES.

Magic: the Gathering News

MTG trade-ins opening up – Mon & Tues

Magic FNM Online – Historic on Arena!
Some good news for phase 4! We’re resuming Magic singles buying! Hooray! You can trade in those hot singles for store credit. There are some rules, all born out of a need to reduce time in the store to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, but they’re not too complex:

  • MTG Buying Hours will be only Monday & Tuesday from noon – 6 pm. This will help us be certain of the length of time cards traded in have been quarantined, and help reduce the amount of time players are standing in the store waiting to only two days.
  • If you have 20 or fewer cards, you can stop in any time Monday or Tuesday during our open hours (noon – 6 pm) to trade them in.
  • If you have more than 20, please email to set up a plan – we want to keep selling appointments to 15 minutes or less, since time indoors is one of the biggest risk factors.
  • Cards purchased will be kept in quarantine for 72 hours before any staff or customer may touch them.

That’s it! We’re buying all kinds of cards, from rare to bulk, so let the floodgates reopen and let’s do some trades.


Double Masters preorders

Magic FNM Online – Historic on Arena!
Boxes of Double Masters are still available for pre-order, but be warned; supply is going to be more limited than advertised (as with everything) due to print run shortages. We’ve already seen Mystery sell out far sooner than expected, and we have experienced stock shortages of Core 2021 as well! Don’t let Double Masters pass you by, particularly if you’re a commander player.

Preorder online for the August 7 release date

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