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COVID-19 Update: Phase 4 – In store gaming prohibited

Hi all! As the Finger Lakes region prepares to enter Phase 4, we felt it useful to call out the state’s guidance for “places of public amusement (e.g., arcades, bowling alleys)” – hey, that’s us!

Unfortunately, while many of your favorite local businesses will be able to start operating during Phase 4, the game rooms of your friendly local game store are specifically prohibited from doing so under the new guidance. Specifically:

…higher-risk indoor arts and entertainment activities including, but not limited to, places of public amusement (e.g., arcades, bowling alleys),… remain closed. 

While this news will be disappointing to many, our staff included, Just Games remains committed to doing it’s part to help maintain our community’s health and safety. The state has also indicated they will issue further guidance for those businesses impacted by this order, including directives on when they may begin operating public-gatherings again.

Our retail side remains open, and fully operational, with a robust online ordering service available at shop.justgamesrochester.com. Should you wish to use our Delivery service, deliveries continue on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You may also have your items shipped, anywhere in the world, or you may come into the store for in-store pickup.

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