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Magic New Promo Packs

The new Magic the Gathering Promo card packs are here! Here’s how they work at Just Games.

Promo Pack Distribution

At each Standard, Draft, or Commander event, players will have a chance to get a promo pack instead of a regular standard pack. Here’s when you can choose to take a promo pack as your prize instead of a standard booster:

  • Draft: 3-0 players (those who win all 3 matches) at each pod may choose a promo pack
  • Standard: 3-0 in each event may choose a promo pack
  • Commander: Players in their 2nd week may choose a promo pack OR any standard legal pack

PREMIUM PROMO PACKS: These all foil packs are super special, and there are two ways to get them at Just Games.

  • Save 3 sealed regular Promo packs from any combination of Standard, Draft or Commander events. Don’t open them. Once you get 3, you can trade them back in for a Premium pack.
  • At the end of each season, we’ll host a Draft, Standard or Commander event and use all remaining Premium packs as part of the prize.

That’s it! So all the events we run that will have relevant promo cards will have access to the packs, and players will have ways to get them without wining all their games (but you can earn more for more wins)!

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