Role-Playing Store events

Play ‘Not D&D’ Day!

So you’ve played D&D, and now you thirst for new adventure! Good news: your local game masters want to teach you new role-playing games! Join us on March 4th for GM’s Day, and learn all the games they’ve been aching to teach you.

Fun starts at 2 pm. Preregistration is strongly encouraged if you want to play a specific game as seats are limited. Books will be on hand if you find one you love!

Sign up for a game

Sign up for your favorite Game Master or game below – 100% of the signups will go to the GM in store credit as part of a “gift basket” to show our appreciation for them!

March 4th for GMs Day!

Please note that March 4th of GMs day is also Game Master appreciation day! Show your appreciation for the Game Master at your table (or in your house) by getting them a gift, baking them cookies, giving them a hearty handshake, or any other thing you can think of that demonstrates how much the game master’s bring to our hobby.

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