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Painting Contest: Star Wars Legion

A long time ago, on a Tuesday far far away, we held Star Wars Legion painting contests! Well, we know that the last year didn’t keep you from painting Legion, so let’s see what you’re working on – introducing our first ever Legion-specific online painting contest!


Ya gotta paint an actual Fantasy Flight Games Legion model, it has to be painted now or have been painted in the last 12 months (be honest, your honor is at stake). Exceptions will be made for the custom terrain category (obviously, right?). Judging will be conducted by a combination of weighted votes, staff votes, and community vote (each will be worth 1/3 of the vote).


Best Painted

This is the best, overall painted mini. Skill at basic painting a must, extra points given for technique.


The best expression of a “Star Wars” theme! Could be a diorama style picture of several minis, could be a specific custom mini made from bits, a kit bash, or whatever!

Custom Terrain

We know Legion loves terrain, right? Show us your best pieces! Pieces must be fully painted, finished terrain pieces of a “Star Wars” persuasion.


Prizes & Entering

To enter, email a photograph of your entry to Subject line “Legion Painting Contest: [Category Name]. Include your name and email. You have until March 15 to get those entries in! Then we’ll open voting to the public and announce a winner on March 31.

Tell them what they can win!

The top person in each category will win this fabulous Luke Skywalker Promo figure! Ooooo! Ahhh!

Painting Contest: Star Wars Legion

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