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Pathfinder Society 2E Launch Event, Sept 8

As Pathfinder 2nd Edition has been a very exciting, almost overwhelming, launch! Even more exciting, some of our friendly local Game Masters have banded together to bring you Pathfinder Society 2nd Edition!

On Sept 8 we will be hosting a Pathfinder Society 2E Launch event. This new edition of the fantasy role-playing game brings an amazing host of excellent rules updates our weekly tables have been talking about almost non-stop since release. So join us and try this new system and kick off Pathfinder Society in Rochester!

Don’t know what Pathfinder Society is? Don’t worry – we encourage you to view this event as a chance to try out the new rules (which you can download and read for free before committing to a copy). See if you like the style. If you got into role-playing with 5th Edition D&D, Pathfinder might be a new system to you. If so, give it a try! 2E is a robust system that allows more detail than 5th edition, with an increased emphasis on role-playing over 1st Edition Pathfinder.

Best of all, if you don’t want to start at level 1, you can play an “Iconic” character at any level adventure you choose! This makes it easy to drop in and play for a day or two, try different classes, and just get a sense of things. If you’d rather level your own, start at level 1 with a new 2nd Edition character and level them up Adventurers League style! For this event we encourage pre-registration so that we can accurately prepare the Game Master’s for what levels to run. You can choose your adventure and level from the list below to sign up. Pizza is included in the registration fee.

Pathfinder 2E Launch

Pathfinder Society 2E Launch Event, Sept 8

Tables will be limited to 6 players each. If you would like to GM a table, please email to sign up. If the first session at noon fills up, we will open pre-registration for a second session at 4 pm running these adventures again!

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