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Warhammer 40K Kill Team Mordelai and the Slicing Noose

Sept 1 Release date

Releasing on Sept 1, Kill Team continues to grow with a pair of new Starter Sets and a brand new Killzone for you to battle over.

Kill Team Mordelai and the Slicing Noose

Good news for Deathwatch and Drukhari players – you’re getting Kill Team Starter Sets of your own:

Each Kill Team Starter Set is packed with content that’s essential for players of that faction. A custom token sheet makes it easy to work out at a glance who’s shaken, readied or has already advanced, while a deck of Tactics cards allows you to muster your most devious stratagems with ease – as well as featuring unique new Tactics you won’t find anywhere else. Meanwhile, each Starter Set contains a full multipart set of models, specially chosen from the main range for their wealth of customisation options.

Meanwhile, lore booklets and pre-filled cards make getting involved with Kill Team simple by giving you a rich set of lore to inspire your battles and giving you a strong base on which to build lethal kill teams of your own.

Warhammer 40K Kill Team Mordelai and the Slicing Noose
A multipart plastic kit that makes 10x Wyches and 1 set of Eldritch Ruins. Includes Drukhari and environment Tactics exclusive to this set. Retailing for $49.99, this box set is a great introduction to Kill Team.

These two items are available for reservation immediately. You can reserve these items in person, by calling the store at 585-586-0586 or by email at

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