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Pop-Up Gen Con at Just Games

Hi all! Just Games is pleased to announce (officially!) that we’re hosting Pop-up Gen Con this year! There will be a whole slate of early release board games and demos running, from great publishers! We’re pretty excited to wrap this into our Games for Everyone event series too! What is this event?

Pop-Up Gen Con 2021 brings a bit of the Gen Con convention experience to your friendly local game store with newly released games from select publishers, demos, events, and sales.


Gather with your local gaming community and try out hot new games before anyone else, all from the comfort of your friendly local game store. Each FLGS will determine how they want to host this event based on COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and conditions in their area. Check with the store for details on what they are planning.


Pop-Up Gen Con will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

If you can’t make it to Gen Con Indy this year or can only come for a day, check out Pop-Up Gen Con at your local game store!

ANYONE can stop in for a demo, everyone is welcome! There’s no registration to just come by and shop, or check out a demo. But, for the hobby gamer, to get the full swag-a-licious experience, you’ll want to register for the con at our store. You can do that by heading right over here, selecting us from the list, and registering for the event.

We’ll have more details about the specific games being demoed as we get closer to the event!

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